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You’ve done the pregnancy test…you’ve had your first scan …yay!!!! your expecting a baby…congratulations!!! your life is now on a roller coaster ride with lots of milestones for you to celebrate along the way. You know you want to capture your beautiful newborn baby when he/she arrives and maybe have some family photos too, but how do you choose the right photographer? There are so many of us! Try not to leave it until baby is here…many newborn photographers are booked months in advance so try and think about it as early on in your pregnancy as possible.  My advice to anyone looking for a professional photographer is to firstly look at the images on their website and ask yourself “Are these the type of photographs you want of your baby?”  ” can you see them on the wall in your home?” If the answer is yes great! Now its a good idea to check they are a professional photographer, after all…it is professional photographs you want right?… a professional photographer will have insurance, will be trained in photography, maybe hold a qualification, they will be a member of a professional photographers association and they will have baby safety standards in place. Remember you will be passing your brand new daughter or son over to this person, they will be responsible for his/her safety…babies NEVER balance on boxes, or sit with hands under chins unsupported for the sake of a photograph…A professional photographer will take 2 or 3 images of a scene with baby supported by mum or dad the whole time and then they will put these images together in post production, even tiny babies can startle and fall of chairs, boxes etc, babies safety has to be THE most important question for you to raise when looking for a photographer to capture you newborn.

A professional photographer will be more than happy to discuss any of the above with you and you can then rest assured you will have beautiful photographs of your precious newborn baby to cherish forever, you only get one chance at capturing these moments….they grow up way too fast!!



Maternity Sessions Cost £55 for a 1- 2 hr session

This covers Studio & heating costs,  photographers time, experience and creative style.

This payment is required to book your session and secure your date.

You are not under any obligation to purchase any of your images but we know you will fall in love with them.  

Returning Little Creases clients receive free sessions…your booking fee is deducted from you final package




Bump Q&A

Little creases leicester newborn and baby photographer

Little Creases Bump Sessions

When do I book?

You can book your session as early as your 20 week scan..This is advisable as I can get very busy booking early means you will always have your slot reserved. You can call or email me to book your session I take a £25 deposit at the time of booking and this is deducted from your package cost.

When is the best time to have my session?

To get the best from your Bump Session you ideally want to be between 30 – 32 weeks when you bump is at its absolute best and you are still feeling energetic and excited!

What happens at my session?

My Bump sessions are usually scheduled for either 10.30am or 2 pm
I work in a cosy room at Miracle In Progress 3d/4d Scanning Clinic in Shepshed Your session usually takes between 1- 1.5hrs there is no rush and we can take our time. We will have discussed any preferences you may have when we arranged the day and time for your session i.e what sort of shots you like, colours etc. You are welcome to bring a friend who can always help with hair and adjusting clothing etc.


Partners & Siblings?

Partners and siblings are welcome to have their photographs taken with mums bump but as we all know young children get bored very easily and I do try and get these shots done first and ask that someone can come an take them away after we have finished these shots.


What do I bring with me?

I have a range of lace voiles & wraps etc but if you have a favourite little dress you would like to wear then bring that along too. I’m always happy to photograph parent shots and sibling shots skin to skin if thats something you feel you would like.

Hair & make up is important to make you look feel good a little mascara and a good skin matching foundation is enough its often easier for me to remove small spots etc than to try and balance heavy foundation that can often leave skin looking flat. A little moisturising cream on your bump arms and legs is great too but try to avoid heavy oils.


When will I see my images?

During your session I will show you a few of your pictures as we take them
Once we have finished the session my job has just begun.
I will take 2-3hrs to go through all the images we take and find 5 – 10 of the very best..these I will retouch so you look your absolute best. When your images are ready I will arrange a suitable time for you to return and view your images on a large can then choose which package or products you would like to display them.


Orders are placed at this time and usually take 10 -14 days to produce…orders cannot then be cancelled once production has begun. Payment is required at the time or ordering. Images are kept for 6mths after this time should you require any further products etc.


Can I pay in instalments?

If you wish to pay in 2 monthly instalments for your packages you may do so by paying 50% at the time of ordering followed by 50% 4 weeks later orders will then be ready 2 weeks after final payment.

If you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact me either by email: or by phone 07515382865


Re-arranging your session

Unfortunately due to the nature of photography sessions 24hrs minimum notice is required to re-arrange any confirmed bookings as time is spent preparing for your shoot and I cannot fill these sessions without prior notice.


There is a no filming or photography policy within the clinic so please can you not take photographs with you mobiles/ipads etc.


Gorgeous Esmae 13 days New- Award Winning Leicester Newborn Baby Photographer

A little sneak peek at Esmaes Newborn Photography Session this week, what a little princess she is! Baby photography is one of my favourite genres

capturing all the newness of your family and the emotions that you have in those precious first days is such an honour. My Newborn Studio is in Shepshed, Leicester, Leicestershire


leicester Newborn Photographer little Creases

leicester Newborn Photographer little Creases

leicester Newborn Photographer little Creases