Jules achieves “Master Craftsman” title

Master Craftsman Qualification for Julie Moult  based in Kirkby Mallory, Leicester, Family Portrait Photographer at Jules Photography & Little Creases Newborn Photography

This last year, as many of my clients will be aware,  I have been working on a collection of images to present to The Guild Of Photographers for assessment for my Craftsman Qualification.

I am absolutely thrilled to announce that finally last week my completed panel of images were judged by the Guilds team of International judges and I was actually awarded the “Master Craftsman” Qualification. This award means so much to me for many reasons but possibly the most important reason is that I know I am giving a truly Professional Quality Service and Product to my clients and Master Craftsman is a title I intend to live up to for the rest of my photographic career.

Throughout my photographic Journey I have participated In many training days with various Photographers in particular Damien Lovegrove  who I found extremely helpful and inspiring and I have always come away with new techniques that I have been able to apply to my own work. I think its very important to develop your own style and take inspiration from others to improve your own work and training is invaluable.

Learning to see images as a collection that represents your personal style is not always easy and my Guild Mentor Julie Oswin, a wonderfully talented acclaimed photographer, has played a huge role in helping me put these images together, and I am truly indebted to her for guiding me and encouraging me. She is a wonderful person and a fantastic trainer within the business of photography.

I would like to thank all of my clients, even if your imagesare not in this panel, you have all had an input and been extremely inspirational to me.

and finally thank you to The Guild for being such a nurturing organisation I love being a member of such a warm and friendly group of Photographers from all walks of life

Here is my final panel….



julesphotography_leicesterfineartphotographer_MasterCraftsman_Plate_-01 julesphotography_leicesterfineartphotographer_MasterCraftsman_Plate_-02 julesphotography_leicesterfineartphotographer_MasterCraftsman_Plate_-03 julesphotography_leicesterfineartphotographer_MasterCraftsman_Plate_-04 julesphotography_leicesterfineartphotographer_MasterCraftsman_Plate_-05 julesphotography_leicesterfineartphotographer_MasterCraftsman_Plate_-06 julesphotography_leicesterfineartphotographer_MasterCraftsman_Plate_-07 julesphotography_leicesterfineartphotographer_MasterCraftsman_Plate_-08 julesphotography_leicesterfineartphotographer_MasterCraftsman_Plate_-09 julesphotography_leicesterfineartphotographer_MasterCraftsman_Plate_-10 julesphotography_leicesterfineartphotographer_MasterCraftsman_Plate_-11 julesphotography_leicesterfineartphotographer_MasterCraftsman_Plate_-12 julesphotography_leicesterfineartphotographer_MasterCraftsman_Plate_-13 julesphotography_leicesterfineartphotographer_MasterCraftsman_Plate_-14 julesphotography_leicesterfineartphotographer_MasterCraftsman_Plate_-15 julesphotography_leicesterfineartphotographer_MasterCraftsman_Plate_-16 julesphotography_leicesterfineartphotographer_MasterCraftsman_Plate_-17 julesphotography_leicesterfineartphotographer_MasterCraftsman_Plate_-18 julesphotography_leicesterfineartphotographer_MasterCraftsman_Plate_-19 julesphotography_leicesterfineartphotographer_MasterCraftsman_Plate_-20





4 Highly Commended Images for March …. Happy Easter to all My Customers!!!

Easter is a great time to pause and be thankful for what is good in our lives

I am always amazed when I achieve an award in the Photographic World… There are so many great Portrait Photographers out there that to be amongst them is a true honour.  Its such a huge encouragement to be acknowledged and entering competition images has now become part of my life. Not only does it give me goals to aim for, it keeps me on my toes and encourages me to be original and fresh with my work. I want to deliver to you, my customer, quality images that reflect a moment in your lives to treasure.

For me becoming a photographer has meant many years of financial struggle (unfortunately having  studios and proper equipment means a huge outlay and subsequence upkeep is not cheap) it was a bold decision to go it alone and throw my soul out there and I always knew I was never going to be a production line photographer doing cheap “Groupon deals” to lure in to give them the “Hard Sell”, That would never sit comfortably with me. I always wanted to work for people who chose me because of what I do and because they appreciate the time I invest in them. My pay off for choosing this path has been that I have the opportunity to meet amazing people who have all touched my life and I am so grateful for being allowed to do a job I adore and be surrounded by truly beautiful people and hopefully I have created some beautiful memories for you to cherish. I couldn’t do it without you all!!

I am now moving into my 6th Full Time Business year in Family Portraiture and all your recommendations and kind words have been tremendous in getting my name out there and allowing people to see and trust my work

So this Easter I am saying a massive THANK YOU!!! and I LOVE being your family photographer and if we haven’t met yet….I am really looking forward to meeting you and photographing your unique family.